Service Agreement


 The purpose of the following Terms and Conditions of Users is to establish guidelines on rights, duties and responsibilities of NITV Mobile Users utilizing the SIM for Voice and Data (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Services’) provided by the New IT Venture Corporation (hereinafter referred to as ‘NITV’) operated by Softbank Y Mobile (Provider).

 I’m Mr/Ms ……….. is legally resident in Japan and have registered address as  ……………………… is agreed with the following Service Terms and Conditions defined by NITV. 

Subscription terms set by NITV as below: 

  1. User is applied NITV SIM Service for Voice and Data is for Personal Purpose 
  2. Minimum contract period is 2 years and cancellation before 2 years shall be subject to Yen 10,000 fee 
  3. Payment shall be made in advance for basic fixed fee as prepay and variable voice billing shall be post pay after 1 months. Eg, By the end of March Customer has to Pay Accumulated Voice Call Bill for January and Fixed Basic Fee for April 
  4. Refundable Security Deposit shall be applied and that shall be paid in Advance while Signup the Application form for the purpose of Payment Term Security 
  5. MNP feature to change operator is not possible with this service 
  6. NITV shall have full rights to withhold security deposit amount in case the user failed to pay accumulated invoice on time and user can’t claim such withhold amount with NITV 
  7. User is not allowed to apply SIM for others as it has to be for the person who is signing up the form 
  8. User is not involved SIM service in any criminal or fraud or critically wrong activity in the name of religious movement or any cause 
  9. Any changes in terms shall be updated in website for future reference so user is following website to get updated on such changes 
  10. Extra charges for International calling will be billed as much as 300 JPY per minute as extra, since international calling charge will be very high, customer complain will not be entertained . Additional costs for the Data purchase shall be incurred. 
  11. Billings through iTunes and other online mobile purchases will be billed as extra. 
  12. In case customer failed to pay monthly bill, return device or SIM after service cancellation within agreed time frame, he/she will be blacklisted with our service and will be published in Social Media or News Portal with Photo. Additionally, we will use third-party agency and customer will be compelled to pay all service charges including other legal fees. 
  13. Customer can get up to 10 minutes free talk-time, calling to NAVI call starting with 0570 or any other NAVI call will be charged as extra. 

Payment Terms: 

  1. User shall follow the Payment method to pay monthly fee as per the NITV payment terms 
  2. Payment through Bank auto transfer is mandatory to fill form correctly by users 
  3. Fixed Basic Package Fee shall be paid in Advance and Voice Call Fee shall be post pay 
  4. Billing start date shall be from the day SIM is issued after Application is approved 
  5. NITV shall provide SIM only as per the request from user and Billing shall be carried from the SIM issued date so its setup sole responsibility of user to setup SIM in his Smart Phone Device which needs to be SIM Free and Compatible with Japan Softbank and Y Mobile 4G/LTE. User manual shall be provided while giving the SIM. 
  6. If the bank failed to receive bill charge on first attempt due to unavailable amount, extra bill of 250 yen will be charged on second attempt as billing support. 
  7. If the customer failed to pay on-time, extra charge of 500 yen will be charged as delay penalty on next month bill. 
  8. If customer requires detail billing statement, it will be available only after 45 days. 
  9. If the customer failed to pay between 25th to 27th of the month, SIM will stop temporarily. If customer again fails to pay before 5th day of next month, SIM will stop permanently and customer will not be able to receive same SIM number. Cancellation charge and due charge require to be paid within next 30 days. If not paid within this duration legal action will be taken as per the Japanese government law. 

Support Terms: 

  1. Billing Related issues can only be inquired during office hour (10 AM to 4 PM) on Japanese calendar in office Phone Number ie. 03-5650-5430 
  2. For Plan, payment and Billing Change it will take up to 45 days. 
  3. NITV Telecom is not liable for service quality and downtime; we will not bear any loss due to weak signal or signal downtime. Respective career (Softbank,DOCOMO ,AU or other) will be responsible for all kind of issues. 

Device Rental Terms: 

  1. It is responsibility of customer if device/SIM is lost or damaged and requires paying full price. For Pocket Wi-Fi device cost is 10000 Japanese Yen while for SIM loss or damage it cost 3000 Japanese Yen. 
  2. If customer cancels service, SIM/Device should be return within one week. 

Required Document that User Agreed to Submit 

  1. Residence Card Copy or Driving License Copy (Both are Based on Japan) 
  2. Passport Copy 
  3. Bank Passbook or ATM Card Copy 
  4. Customer Selfie photo holding Residence Card in one Hand to make sure of original check 
  5. Auto bank payment form shall be filled and provided with proper HANKO (stamp) within 1 week of the date of SIM issued. 


NITV telecom is a telecom service division of new it venture corporation.