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NITV Free Call allows your to make Free International Call from any Post Paid Japan Mobile to Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia. iPhone Users can download NITV Free Call app and make the calls and non-iPhone users can use just dialing 0570-300-877 followed with destination number + #. Its the call without the use of Internet so voice quality is superb so Hurry up and download the app to enjoy international free calls.

Special Note

Local Access Charge shall be billed in your regular monthly mobile bill at the rate of 10 Yen/26 Sec (Tax not included) while using NITV Free Call both from app or direct dial 0570-300-877 Number. This service enable you to make free international calls to 5 countries or regions. Domestic calls are also available to call with the same rate 10 yen/26 sec. (tax not included) by using NITV Free Call. Telephone fees will be charged by your mobile phone company. Access numbers which begin with "0570" are caller billing services conducted by SoftBank Telecom Corp. Unlike IP phones, the quality of phone call is very high and there is no necessity to pay the charge for international calls. You can make international calls in the same way as if you make domestic calls.

How to use NITV Free Call

Please register "Country code"(Take the first 0 of the destination phone number) in your mobile phone contacts.

From your mobile phone contacts, you can get phone numbers which starting with country code of countries or regions that can be used by "NITV Free Call" after you start the application program.

You can reacquire NITV Free Call with "Update" button in the application program.

Available Countries with NITV Free Call






South Africa


Japan Domestic

Dial 0570-300-877 for Free International Calls


Download App 'NITV Free Call' available for iPhone

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Q. Are there any applications required?

A. Any applications or registration procedures are not required. All you need is just start the application program and select the destination phone number.

Q. How much is the charge for domestic calls in Japan?

A. The charge for domestic calls in Japan are 10 yen/26 sec. (tax not included) from the mobile phone to call 0570-300-879.

Q. Why is it possible to make international calls with the charge for domestic calls?

A. We carry out its service in order to promote the usage of 0570 service.

Q. Is it possible to use its service to call Japanese mobile phones(International roaming service available) brought from Japan in foreign countries?

A. We are very sorry. It is impossible to make phone calls in such situation.

Q. Is it possible to use by corporations?

A. Yes, it is possible to use it.

Q. Is there any limits of talktime?

A. No, there is no limit.

Q. How the charge for domestic calls will be demanded?

A. It will be demanded from your mobile phone company as the charge for "Adcalls". Nominal that are listed in mobile phone bills and statements will vary by individual mobile company.

Q. Although Japanese senders are free to make phone calls, are foreign receivers would be charged?

A. The charge for incoming international calls will vary depending on each country's carriers of the called party. We are very sorry and please acknowledge that it is impossible for our company to know such details. Furthermore, there is no separate charge by using our service on incoming foreign sides besides an original charge for incoming international calls in the foreign countries.

Q. Is there any sound quality problems since it is free?

A. Since our service is offered by the telephone line leading carriers, the sound quality can be comparable to the general fixed phones. We do not use IP networks; therefore you can enjoy a clear sound while talking.

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