Family type (FTTH/ High Speed Home Wi-Fi)

Data Volume
UNLIMITED High Speed Broadband
Fiber to home (no limit)
Voice Plan
Hikari Phone (Monthly ¥500)
(Hikari Phone is optional add-on plan)
Monthly Tariff
(HAPPY Campaign) ※1
(tax included ¥5,698)
Bundle Offers
(Gift Offers & discounts) ※2

◉ Gift Coupon value ~¥20,000 includes Free Wi-Fi Router

◉ STB/ IPTV with 1year plan Free

◉ Apply Credit Card/ VISA with credit value ~¥100,000.)

Regular Monthly Tariff
(tax included ¥6,158)
NTT/ Fiber to home
Additional/ Optional Services ※3

◉ Hikari Phone basic ¥500 (tax included ¥550)

◉ Hikari Phone (S-Plan) ¥1500 (tax included ¥1,650)

◉ Installation cost (If required) ~¥990/ month for 2years

Initial Registration fee
(tax included ¥3,850)
Minimum Contrat Term
2 Years
Payment failure Penalty ※1
¥700/month per transaction
(tax included ¥770)
PLAN Cancellation fee
¥15,000 if Canceled before contract term.
(tax included ¥16,500)
Refundable Deposit ※4
~ ¥10,000 Refundable (For Rental Device)

Monthly Plan at


(tax included ¥5,698)

UNLIMITED High Speed Broadband
  • ※1. HAPPY Campaign tariff is applicable with conditions where Customer must have Bankauto or Credit card registered for payment & Payment failure will cost penalty ¥700 per transaction.
  • ※2. Bundle Offers are applicable only for NITV users who signup with NITV Hikari Internet & Mirailife Credit Card.
  • ※3. Calls (both domestic and international) are chargeable as per NTT tariff includes paid access numbers & Navi Dial per minute.
  • ※4. Rental device Lost or damaged or not returned on-time shall cost full device cost.