Pocket Wifi (5GB per day)

Data Volume
150 GB data (5Gb/day)
Monthly Price
(after campaign)
(¥4,840 tax included)
Monthly Price
(campaign 1 month)※1
(¥4,290 tax included)
Monthly Price
(bundle campaign 12 months)※2
(¥3,575 tax included)
Bundle Campaigns

◉ MIRAI Life Insurance Discount - ¥150 For Every Month Fee

◉ HIKARI Internet Discount Coupon - ¥12,000 Discount Credit Coupon (1,000 yen discount monthly.

◉ IPTV/ VOD Service -FREE Monthly subscription of World TV GO/WOD

LTE/ 4G Network
Rental device
Free rental device
(refundable deposit is applicable)
Registration fee
(¥3,850 tax included)
Device Rental Deposit
Initial Contract Period
1 year
Pocket Wifi Cancellation fee
(¥11,000 tax included) if Cancled before contract term.

Starting at

3,250 per month

(¥3,575 tax included)

150 GB Unlimited Data (5GB/day)
  • ※1. Campaign Price is applicable for every new signup SIM users who register Bankauto or Credit card signup.
  • ※2. Bundle Campaign Price is applicable only for NITV users who signup Mirailife Insurance & Hikari Internet.
  • ※3. Lost or damaged or not returned of Rental device shall subject to service charge of ¥10,000 (¥11,000 tax included).