How to Recharge/Topup ?

After receiving the FREE SIPVoice Calling Card with balance zero, customer has to visit the convenience stores that accept the Smart Pit Payment System for charging (and also recharging later on) or visit our portal to login and make online payment. Customer can make call immediately after payment are done.

Smart Pit Service
Make your payment at convenience stores listed below:


It will allow to pay for Yen 2,000 Recharge. This is rechargeable card so you can recharge any number of times in future using same Card. Each time amount is set for Yen 2,000

Note: This Smart Pit Service apply only in Japan

Step 1 : Visit your nearly convenience store
Step 2 : Tell the cashier that you would like to make a Smart Pit payment
Step 3 : Show the bar-code on SIPVoice Card back side, and make your payment.
Step 4 : After sometime, you will see your topup balance added to make international calls.

Details Steps to use Smart Pit Payment System

Online Payment
You can recharge your account from online using Credit Card and Paypal as well.


login now
Login now with your SIPVoice User ID and Password from our web portal

Important Notes
Payments are not refundable.
Most (re)charges will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to process; however, some may take longer depending on network conditions.
SIPVoice Card's access codes expire if there is no record of usage or payment for more than one year. Remaining credits cannot be refunded or transferred after expiration.
Convenience stores are not responsible for any inquiries, financial liabilities or any other matter related to SIPVoice and/or its services.

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How to use ?

User manual and detail guide to use SIPVoice Calling are available in both english and nepali. Please follow the link

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