High Speed Internet / FTTH

1 - NTT Super High Speed Fiber to Home

Features :

  • Speed upto 1 GBPS
  • Free Installation with Wifi Router
  • Now its very Cheaper from 4,000 yen
  • Get Free IP Set-top-box with 1 Year Premium Tv Package Subscription
Available all over Japan,

NTT Hikari Price:

  1. Mansion Type Plan: 4,000 to 4,700 yen/Month
  2. Family Type Plan: 6,000 to 6,500 yen/Month

Required Documents for Application Processing:

-Copy or Photo of Residence Card (Both side)
-Full Residence Address with Post Code
-House Owner (Fudou San) Name and Contact number
- Koji Date and Time (As convenient of the customer)
- Contact Phone Number (Mobile Number is Compulsory Land Line Number if available)
New Offer --
Now we are introducing Business Wifi for Office, Restaurants, Shops or any Grosory Stores:

Features :

  • VSuper high power Wifi Router with giga speed
  • Only 1200 yen/month additional fee
  • Fast maintenance and priority support
  • Manage any number of Access point for public and private use
  • Super High Speed on each Access Point
  • Get free STB with TV Subscription and Free Security CC TV for your shop
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2 - Unlimited Data with Pocket Wifi

First time launching Unlimited Data with pocket wifi router that runs with high speed internet.

Features :

  • Price only yen 4,999/Month
  • No long term contract needed so can be use for temporary visitors as well
  • Unlimited available with Softbank LTE as well as WiMAX
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